Henry Repeating Rifle

                                  Engraved Henry

My interest in the Henry Repeating Rifle for reenacting started back in 1979.  Since then I have always wanted an engraved Henry rifle but could never afford one.  My all time favorite engraved Henry Rifle is serial number 6262, pictures can be seen of this super original Henry at the following linkhttp://www.rarewinchesters.com/gunroom/1860/M60-06262/model_60_06262.shtml I have owned several reproduction Henry rifles over the years from an early American made Navy Arms Henry to my current Navy Arms military rifle. With the coming of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War I wanted to be able to participate in the national reenactments with an engraved Henry.  I contacted Jim Downing who had done the backstraps of a couple of my Ruger Vaqueros to see what the possibilities were.  The results are fantastic as you can see in the following pictures.