Henry Repeating Rifle


 Disassembling the Henry Rifle

1.  The first step in disassembling the Henry Rifle or any weapon for that matter is to check to insure the weapon is indeed unloaded.


2.  The next step is to loosen, but do not remove, the carrier spring screw and the lever spring screw.  This will make it easier to remove the lever screw.


 3.  Remove the side plate screw, also referred to as the lever screw, and slide the side plates up or down to remove them being careful not to cut yourself as they can be sharp.  You will now have access to the inside of the Henry.

4.  The left and right toggle should now be free to remove by pulling them out.  Be careful to note the position that they were removed.

5.  Remove the lever being careful not to lose the cam lever pin from the lever as it may or may not fall out.


6.  Remove the carrier spring screw and the lever spring screw thus releasing the two springs.


7.  Next remove the lifter arm from the carrier and then pull the carrier through the bottom of the frame.


8.  To remove the stock remove the tang screw on top and the one on bottom and pull back on the stock to remove.  

9.  Removing the mainspring can be done by removing the mainspring screw.  By holding down on the mainspring while removing the screw will protect the screw from stripping out the last few threads.  The mainspring may be removed by unhooking it from the hammer stirrup.


 10.  The breech bolt can be removed by using a drift punch and tapping out the drift pin holding the firing pin extension to the breech bolt.  With the pin removed the firing pin extension will pull out the rear of the frame and beech bolt assembly will drop down and be removed from inside the frame.  The firing pin and spring should them fall out. 

11.  The magazine spring and follower can be removed by loosening the screw, but not removing it, that holds the front band.  Slide off the front band being careful so the barrel sleeve assembly and magazine spring do not fly off.  Slide off the barrel sleeve assembly and remove the magazine spring and follower. 

12.  The hammer could be removed by unscrewing the hammer pin screw.

 It should be noted that it is neither necessary nor desirable to completely disassembly the Henry every time for cleaning.

To reassemble your Henry, reverse the order used to disassembly the Henry. 


Here is a useful link for replacement parts for the Uberti Henry Rifle